Gamesito Makerings

‚ÄčWe Haven't Talked In A While

I made some changes to the site, like the videos tab. Also, there have been some new Makerings, like the Special Fish funeral that is being processed by YouTube as we speak. Type. Read. Whatever its 2 AM, fuck off - Mac (8/14/15)

Makerings, Developments, and More!!!

Hey makering fans! We are proud to announce that after hours and hours of hard work (by Mac) that the newest makering, Justin Tyme, is complete! The trailer is up and be sure to tune in to the channel on October 28th! As you may have noticed there is now two different tabs for videos on this website, one for makerings and one for trailers. We need to end this post now, because we are currently writing our next makering! Not to give any spoilers, but it will be coming out on October 31st... As you know, out motto here at Gamesito Makerins is "We will kill everything that lives" and we hope you enjoy everything (oh yeah, I made a logo and stuff too) - Mac (10/24/14)

My Recovery

Hey all, Wade here! As most (hopefully all!) of you know, I have been in the hospital for a few months recovering from the shock of the end of the Tterbinci Code. It was hard at times, but I believe I made with the love and support from both my family and all of you! I was sent many gift baskets and letters. I would just like to take a moment to thank you and assure that I am making a full recovery. However, the doctors say I may be here for many more months (maybe even years). I won't bore you with why but I am also happy to announce that I will still be able to work while here from my laptop. I am currently helping with the makering that was mentioned below and it is going very, very, very well and we hope to get it to you soon! Thanks again. - Wade (8/22/14)


We were digging around the Gamesito subreddit and found that there are some leaked infos! We are very upset by this and we shall take legal acshun against all that leek our infos! THE BASHING IS OVER!1! MC AND BM (teehee) IS GREAT DIRECTORS, MAYBE BEST IN WORLD!? As we all know our motto is "See no leak, speak no leak, smell no leak" we hope these leakerers burn in Hell forever and ever. - Mac and Brett (8/22/14)