Best Fan-Fic So Far!

From: Robert

Title: Dicks From Space

Story: So, basically they're dicks... You still with me... FROM SPACE

Rules of Makering Fan-Fic

  1. Can NOT be normal in any way. You all know our famous saying: "If it makes sense it sucks cock!"
  2. It must involve AT LEAST one makerer.
  3. It must also include 5-5,000,000,000,000 sexual encounters. Any less (or more) will not be accepted.
  4. If it is as amazing as it should be we will send you a signed still from the makering of your choice.
  5. The "Subject" section must include a clever title to your fan-fic.
  6. The best will be featured on a "best fan-fic" section on the site (soon to come!)

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